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Lisbon City Hall keeping city up to scratch
The News OnLine (Portugal) , 21-02-2009

Over 2,000 buildings and 13,000 homes have undergone renovations in Lisbon over the last decade, with most being part of Lisbon City Hall’s so-called RECRIA restoration project.

Councillor Helena Roseta, in charge of the Local Urban Programme, revealed that 2,218 buildings and 13,859 homes have been renovated under the Recria project in the past ten years, coming in at a cost of over €10 million.

In the same time frame, Lisbon City Hall spent over €24 million in enforced refurbishments, as well as €5.7 million in the Rehabita project and €473,000 on Recriph, a project which carries out restorations on communal parts of buildings.

Helena Roseta, revealing these figures earlier this week, spoke of the importance of such refurbishments, but also stressed the importance of a balance: “Renovations have more immediate results, but there can be cases, like downtown Lisbon for example, where it is still possible to build. There cannot be dogma in these matters.”